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Please use the form below to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as we can, though the majority of our staff is still active duty so depending on the questions some answers possibly could be delayed.

If you are contacting us in reference to an order, please include your reference number as well as the name of the person it was billed to and shipped to. Thank you.


We ABSOLUTELY ship to APO/FPO addresses! Our entire staff is full of active duty veterans with multiple combat deployments, and we know just how much of a morale boost getting mail can be.  We also know how much it sucks to have a company, that you enjoy their product stateside, say that they do not ship to APO/FPO.

We made sure that this was one of the first obstacles we tackled because our military comes first. You are doing work overseas and we are here to give you support in anyway.

We do ship internationally orders!

Use UPS International as your shipping option at check out or contact us and we will find which carrier/method is the cheapest for your order.

USPS has Saturday morning pick-up for the orders received on Friday.

UPS orders received after 10:00 am on Friday will be shipped out Monday but orders before 10:00 will be shipped out Friday afternoon.

Hell yes they will.  The big problem is that a lot of athletes are burning out their glycogen stores while training and then feel sluggish all day or they are using a pre-work out filled with a bunch of things that are not needed for the training they are doing.  We put together two products using the most recent studies and knowledge on sports nutrition and then tested them ourselves and on our teammates before releasing them to the public.

So what does this mean? If you are into morning training and still need energy all day, CrossFit or high intensity training, obstacle course racing or endurance training, then you can greatly benefit from Pre-Mission Pump & After Action Recovery.

Yes. Though men and women have slightly different nutritional needs they are still able to both use our products to supplement their nutrition and help them to reach their peak performance. As with all products, take a look at our nutritional facts and see if it works with you. We designed our post work out to be two scoops for one serving in order to allow you to tailor it to your recovery needs.

You have 60 days to return your order for a refund.

Obviously if you used the product and cracked the seal we are unable to give you a refund unless there was a better reason than “I just didn’t like it.”  Also, used products (shakers, bottles and clothes) cannot be returned if worn and used unless there was a major malfunction or a really cool story that goes along with it.

They sure are. We use food grade plastic materials in our shakers and they are BPA free.

We are going to ask you a few questions if you are looking for sponsorship, usually revolving around your experience in the sports, your current standings and your future plans. If you tell us that you would like to be sponsored but have not competed in anything, and have plans to maybe compete this coming year… you might want to wait.

Another point. If you have never tried our product yet still want to represent us, that will be a quick “no.” If you have never used a product, why would you want to represent that company? Know who you are reaching out to, know their product and then reach out to them with an intelligent approach about you abilities, experiences and how using their product impacted them.

Think before doing.

We like to give back, but because we are a small company that is still growing we have a limited amount that we are able to donate for events. However, if you have an event coming up and are interested in supporters, reach out to use on the contact form below and fill us in.  We might be able to do something to help you for the event or we might be able to help with future events. It depends on where we are each month.  But, please, reach out to us and we will see what we can do.

Depending on our schedule we would be glad to take part in your event/webinar/podcast/show and talk about sports nutrition as well as veteran causes. We are NOT interested in talking about politics, current events (in regards to the military) or details of past military deployments unless to convey a larger picture about training, veteran needs and focus.

That is great! We have a business to business program ready to meet your needs with multiple options available.  The options available will work regardless of how big, small, young or mature your business is.  The first thing you need to do is fill out the form below, tell us a little about your business and we will get an account manager in contact with you right away.

We have multiple staff members with experience as strength and conditioning coaches, CrossFit coaches and team sport coaches. They have competed at the collegiate level in multiple sports and have served in the military with Special Operation Forces. We encourage each staff member to be competitive in a sport which in turn gives them purpose to their training and a continued desire to succeed through training and competition.

Our staff is always pursuing knowledge, education and self betterment by reading the latest studies, research and books pertaining to sports nutrition and exercise science, taking part in seminars and webinars as well as taking part in certifications.

Some of the certifications of the primary staff members include:

  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)
  • CrossFit L-1, Strongman, Endurance, and Powerlifting

Some of the degrees our primary staff hold are (**designates currently being pursued**):

  • **Bachelors of Arts Business Administration**
  • Bachelors of Science Nutritional Science
  • Bachelors of Science Chemical Engineering
  • Bachelors of Science Mathematics
  • Bachelors of Science Biblical Studies
  • Masters of Science Sports and Health Sciences
  • **Masters of Science Exercise Science: Nutrition**

Our goal is to use the latest research in the fields of exercise science and sports nutrition to deliver the highest quality supplements and products to you. Why? Because there is nothing we want more than to help you reach your goals. Because that is our goal that means that this is a never ending journey. We continue to learn and grow so that we can bring you the best products possible to help you succeed.