4 Training Mistakes of the Tactical Athlete

The tactical athlete’s domain of fitness is extremely vast. He/She is expected to carry around close to 100 pounds of gear for long periods of time over varying terrain, have the speed, strength, and agility to move from cover to cover while engaging with the enemy, in addition to having the ability to take down [...]

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Pt 4: Looking at the Glycolytic System

If you are just joining our series, take a moment to catch up by reading the first 3 parts of this series: Pt 1: Understanding Energy: ATP Pt 2: The Energy Systems and the Tactical Athlete Pt 3: Short Explosive Power (ATP-PC) What if I told you that the majority of your high-intensity energy came [...]

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Pt 3: Short Explosive Power (ATP-PC)

This week’s post is going to be taking a deeper look at the ATP-CP energy system, what is it good for and how do we build explosive power and strength. We will also touch on Creatine Monohydrate loading and supplementing. If you have yet to read the first two parts of this series then go [...]

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Pt 2: The Energy Systems and Tactical Athletes

There are many types of training programs for tactical athletes, everything from meathead (bench, curl, bench, bench) to ultra endurance (run, run, run, ruck) and there are also well balanced programs that land everywhere in between.  Many times a military or tactical athlete finds themselves at one extreme or the other because they are comfortable [...]

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Pt 1: Understanding Energy: ATP

Over the next few weeks we are teaming up with the coaches from American Made Strength & Conditioning to cover the topics of your body’s energy systems, why a tactical or military athlete needs to be training all three and how to train all three energy systems. It is up to you to take a personal [...]

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