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Because 18 Series Nutrition, LLC was started by two Special Forces teammates, the Green Beret Foundation is an important part of this company. They have helped their brothers who have been wounded in combat or injured in training. They have helped the families of their fallen brothers, and they continue to reach out to the Green Beret Community, always working to help those who sacrificed so much.

Because of this, and because this is a high quality organization that gives back to the community and their families, they donate a portion of each order to the Green Beret Foundation.

How much is donated for each order?:

10% Storewide

Name: Green Beret Foundation
Motto: Caring for America’s Quiet Professionals

(All information listed below is quoted from Green Beret Foundation’s pamphlet)


Recognizing gaps in immediate support to and in the continuity of care for injured Green Berets, Aaron Anderson, himself a Special Forces Soldier wounded in battle, founded the Green Beret Foundation in 2009. He set out to establish an enduring organization that is dedicated to providing unwavering support for America’s heroes and their loved ones.


The foundation has grown significantly in terms of size-both in public awareness and impact to the mission. We have provided direct financial assistance to over 500 Green Berets, supported scores of families as they navigate the challenges of their new lives, and have given 90% of every dollar spent back to the Green Beret Community.


The Green Beret Foundation provides direct and continuous support to the Green Beret Community and its families. The Green Beret Foundation facilitates the transition of Green Berets and their families whether that transition is from wounds sustained in combat, illness, injury or “merely” from numerous deployments and/or retirement.